Harbour cruises

Discover the Antwerp harbour


The supermarket of Europe

You drank some coffee this morning? Chances are that the coffee beans passed through the Antwerp harbour, as well as numerous other products. Compare the harbour with a giant supermarket, just about everything is sold here - only the shopping carts are powerful containers.


Take a look behind the scenes

To explore a harbour, a boat has obviously the best perspective: you can see how the harbour has grown. At first lay the quays in the city center of Antwerp and with every expansion, the Antwerp harbour moved further to the north. We leave in the old city harbour at the Kattendijkdok - not exactly small - but a current container ship cannot pass through it. 

During the cruise you will be informed through audio-visual guidance on the operation of the fascinating port of Antwerp. 


in March: on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:

            11h35 to 13h05

            14h05 to 15h35

in March: Saturday and Sunday:

             13h to 14h30

            15h15 to 16h45

from April to October: Tuesday to Friday:

             11u to 12h30

            13h40 to 15h20

from April to October: Saturday and Sunday:

            10h30 to 12h

            13h to 14h30 *

            15h15 to 16h45 *

*: pancakes are served during the harbour tour, the rates are: €16, €12, €8 or €4 per person, depending on age. 


  • adults: €12
  • children (3-11 yr): €8
  • children (<3yr): for free
  • groups  > 15 personen: €11

Boarding place

at the Londonbridge 


Reservation and ticket sale

  • tickets are on sale at the ticket machine at the place of departure (London Bridge) 
  • via info@janplezier.be